November 17, 2015

Bidding management

We use a bidding process to select the contractors and subcontractors involved in our projects. MACK Project management usually conducts the following steps during bidding process:

  • Bidding package
    Based on the investors’ input, MACK develops bidding package for the bidding process which includes the precise instructions for the bidders, drawings, bills of quantity and technical specifications.
  • Request for Bids
    This step involves sending out invitations to bid to a preselected list of contractors. Preselection process entails financial and technical due dilligence of candidates.
  • Bidding
    The bidding process can differ, depending on the rules set by the client. In some cases, sealed bids will be submitted and the customer will evaluate them. In other cases, a more informal bidding process will be involved.
  • Reviewing the Bids
    Once that bidding deadline is reached, MACK will immediately begin reviewing the bids. The result of the process is a comparable table od bids which allows thourough analysis.
  • Awarding the Contract
    After the bids have been thoroughly reviewed, investor will in consultation with MACK award the contract to one bidder. MACK advises the client on the formulation of the contract and its appendixes.