Successful projects are developed by outstanding project management teams. We bring a multitude of resources to help you navigate through complex project development and project execution. Our professionals are highly talented individuals whose expertise has been developed over two decades delivering complex projects for clients who prize our understanding of their needs.

Gather crucial project information in a timely fashion

Define project boundries, goals and outcomes

Assemble quality project management team

Optimize project design and save time in selecting design option

Anticipate and minimize project risks and maximize project benefits

Develop robust project schedule and cut down construction time

Develop robust project cost structure and reduce costs

Recruit and select best contractors, subcontractors and suppliers

Negotiate best prices for given quality standard

Protect project scope and plan from potentially disastrous situations

Maintain complete control of the project

Succesfully coordinate various project stakeholders and ensure smart communication

Ensure project execution and closure within specified time frame and budget

Ensure smooth and error free project closure and transition

Achieve project goals, profit margins and financial targets


MACK adds value through and beyond pure project management.
Our clients have chosen MACK as their preferred partner because of our ability to enhance value of project management activities.


  • Helping to identify final outcomes and values of the project
  • Creating organizational focus around project strategic goals


  • Working with progressive companies and PM experts accross industries
  • A wealth of experience in what works and what does not


  • Deep network and experience deploying expert service and advice in critical situations
  • Proprietary database of highly expert individuals with a list of specific competencies, experience, knowledge and skills


  • Dedicated task performance team with experienced and specialized know-how
  • On-demand, hands-on support for complex situations and tough challenges


  • Distinguished track record of value maximization through value engineering for various size projects in different sectors
  • Outsourced capability management throughout project life-cycle when and where needed


MACK Project engineering is recognized by exceptional service. This reputation is earned because we measure quality of our services not by their inherent features but by the degree to which those features exceed client expectations.

We make every effort to provide personalized and proactive service creating conditions to solve broader specter of customer needs. Warmth, honesty and personal approach adorn every human interaction and every our employee actively listens even when nobody talks to him/her.

We advise our partners but we also constantly learn from them. We follow, test, innovate, retest, deploy and monitor. We spend time as partners and clients ourselves and try to think and feel from their perspectives.

We believe that our professionals are among the best in the business not because they hold numerous certificates, academic accolades and/or are members of reputable institutions. They are among the best because they push themselves to overdeliver on clients expectations. Cost optimizations. On budget and on time. A rapid return on investment.

It is our fundamental philosophy to make our customers and clients successful and cared for. It is a reason of our existance.

We begin by closely listening and really understanding customers’ points of view. We follow through with transparent and open support infrastructure. The core of that infrastructure is occupied by our dedicated Project Managers – individuals with, both, technical and customer service expertise. These individuals work on-line, off-line and mostly on the front line with their partners, customers and clients ensuring that every detail fits a big picture and that every issue is resolved promptly and fully.

Our deep respect for our partners is visible in the way we approach them, the way we communicate,  the way we keep our promises and the way we solve their problems.

We specifically aim to:

  • Always actively listen: to client needs, desires, concerns and work to appropriately address them
  • Be accessible: we are always eager and available to answer questions and provide support when and where needed
  • Demonstrate useful knowledge: we know what other clients have experienced in previous projects and can bring that knowledge to bear to assist clients in their projects and to meet their business needs