In a trajectory of a company life-cycle, MACK has reached many achievements and has encountered obstacles and dealt with problematic issues. The way we have celebrated our achievements and overcome obstacles shapes the culture of our company.

Being optimistic but realistic, meticulous but integrative, innovative but pragmatic are seemingly contraintuitive qualities we have grown in the process of building great customer experiences. We wish to create an environment where everybody feels welcome and accepted while at the same time challenged to expand current understanding.

Innovative drive. Disciplined and result oriented approach. Personal touch. Integrity. These are the pillars of MACK’s corporate culture.

The unique culture of our organisation alongside our track record of continually delivering client satisfaction creates an environment where talented people grow and want to work. Regardless of the type of work, we tend to build a working collaborative environment focused on excellent results, working as a team in the process, helping each other, sharing experiences and knowledge and openly communicating with one another.


The motivation, engagement and sastisfaction of our employees is a paraamount of our success. Their creativity and passion, openness to challenges and belief in our future are the main drivers of development.

Besides annual performace reviews we try to provide personal mentoring and coaching for each employee.  Our goal is to continually raise the standard of our personnel and we do not only try to attract and keep the best but also wish to develop a unique MACK person who identifies with the culture and attitude of the company. Every MACK person possesses and/or is working on developing these attibutes:

  • Be self-accountable
  • Be result orientated, competent and emotionally intelligent
  • Be ambitious for the company, clients and personal growth
  • Demonstrate high level of trust, reliability and integrity
  • Be collaborative, responsive and easy to do business with
  • Be passionate displaying drive, enthusiasm and readiness to go the extra mile when needed

We are committed to providing our employees with all necessary tools and training to set and achieve challenging goals. They are empowered  to act professionally and to start solving business challenges immediately when they appear.


We value going beyond immediate duty and we reward based on results. Performace evaluation process is a critical part of our goal attainment strategy. Every employee is involved in evaluation process and is rewarded and promoted according to how consistently and effectivelly goals have been achieved. We also value teamwork and we measure and evaluate team functioning and team results. We understand that we can move forward only if we are individually and collectivelly efficient. We recapitulate our achievements, reasons why we have done well and draw out learning lessons for the future. That is how we build result oriented culture and make sure every employee understands what it means.


Recognising the importance of motivated workforce, our employment package strives to attract the right level of competence, knowledge and experience. Of equal importance for our company is to enable our employees to voice their opinion and be heard. Here are the views of some of our employees:


Ranko Vujnović, Program Manager

„Working in MACK entails working in dynamic environment and on challenging projects. I feel flexible and free in my decision making process without strict limitations for the individual. Our result oriented attitude, teamwork and supportive environment in which each person’s effort is recognized are the main strengths of our culture.“

Dolores Rajnović, Project engineer

“I cherish our team spirit and working environment in which you work with your whole heart. MACK is not just the source of expert know-how and business experience but also a source of enthusiasm, optimism, fair play and friendship. Our working environment recognizes comittment, loyalty and hard work – which makes me feel appreciated and devoted.“

Francesco Negri, Project Manager

„The professional approach and the level of comittment that can be seen from my collegues is contagious and pushes me to do my very best. I appreciate our informal and approachable attitude and I think this is also very much recognized and respected by our clients. The high working ethic, openness to new ideas and continuous learning is something which I value highly as MACK employee.“

MACK offers a range of opportunities to start a career or for advancement in primarily project management fields.

Work opportunities

If there is no open tender:
In case there is no open tender for a job at the moment  you can always contact us and send your application. Once you submit your resume and application, we will send you our confirmation of receipt. Application and resume of qualified candidates will be entered into our database and should the need for an employee with your qualifications arise, we will contact you.

If there is an open tender:
After we publish the tender containing a short job description, you can send us your resume and cover letter.  Shortlisted candidates will go through selection procedure.

How to apply

E-mail: You can send your resume and application to our e-mail address  with a note „Job application“.

Post: You can also send us your resume and application by post. A remark that this is a job application is obligatory.